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My name is Theodorus Schreurs, I started Noble House in 2001.

Now we have several companies in our Group and a deserved reputation for being a reliable, stable and efficient business partner.

We successfully combine a Western management style and ethics with the Russian business culture.

Our highly qualified team is ready to assist you and ensure your business in Russia will be successful too!

So do not wait and join the ranks of Clients who already work with Noble House for many years!

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Joint -stock companies, limited liability companies, state and municipal unitary enterprises, cooperatives, housing savings cooperatives, economic partnerships, as well as organizers of gambling are required to apply the new procedure for calculating the net asset value. The net profit for dividends is calculated in a new...


According to the Ministry of Finance, the right to deduct input “custom” VAT can be confirmed by a paper copy of the electronic declaration of goods. Letter from the Ministry of Finance of Russia from May 29, 2015...


Profits of foreign-controlled companies is equal to the profit of the organization (personal income), the person controlling it. It is taken into account when determining the tax base, controlling persons - in proportion to the ownership interest of such person...


Armenia became a full member of the Union (consisting of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) on 1 January 2015. Treaty of Accession of Armenia to the Treaty establishing the Eurasian...


At the beginning of 2015 three technical regulations of the Customs Union come into force: 1. TR 14/2011 “Road safety”. 2. TR 018/2011 “On the safety of...


December 23, 2014 published a decree of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 23, 2014 № 21 “On the day of the federal courts beginning of the activities...

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